NEWS: Now Hiring!

Seeking postdocs, graduate students and/or staff for our yeast DNA repair projects

Person August 8, 2022

With good news on a recently submitted grant, we are actively seeking outstanding candidates to work on our yeast DNA repair projects.

Project areas include:

  • high-resolution analysis of double-strand break resection
  • high-throughput genomic studies of the nuclear biology of chromosomal translocation
  • the intersection of metabolism and DNA repair
  • your own interest areas in DNA repair and genetics, approachable in yeast

Successful candidates will bring:

  • an enthusiastic interest in molecular genetics and mutagenesis
  • a willingness to learn new things, in both the wet and dry labs
  • team spirit in pursuit of our goals
  • (preferred) experience working with yeast and/or genomic approaches

Our research group is diverse and our positions are ideal for:

  • beginners: people seeking to get their feet wet in molecular genetics research and bioinformatics - many people “cut their teeth” on projects like these.
  • fellows: experienced yeast researchers seeking to apply next-generation approaches to important problems in DNA repair - there is great potential for career-launching innovation.