Lab members, collaborators and associates
Tom Wilson
Principal Investigator
Samreen Ahmed Recent News
Research Technician
Senior lab member, master of many trades, fills many roles as needed
Jim Daley
Research Investigator
Our former PhD student back at Michigan to pursue collaborative DNA repair work with Dr. Patrick O'Brien
Department of Biological Chemistry
Mikael Dunn Recent News
Research Technician
Yeast biologist and geneticist exploring roles on metabolism in DNA repair
Alex Hawks Recent News
Postdoctoral Fellow
Not quite here yet! Will work on mechanisms of structural variant formation genome wide
Jeanmarie Mishler Recent News
Research Technician
Newest lab member rejoining the ranks of DNA repair scientists

Collaborators and colleagues

Tom Glover
Master cytogeneticist who discovered common fragile sites and co-leads our CNV projects
Department of Human Genetics
Mats Ljungman
Transcription-coupled DNA repair expert who branched to nascent RNA sequencing and targeted cancer therapeutics
Department of Radiation Oncology

Past members and associates

Amanda Winningham
Research Technician
Awesome help on the CNV projects when we needed it
Saanvi Juneja
UROP Student
Early efforts to bring spatial analysis into the Michigan Data Interface
Faraz Hassan
UROP Student
Early efforts to bring spatial analysis into the Michigan Data Interface
Pam Bennett-Baker Recent News
Research Technician
Primary contributor to Park et al., including critical studies of replication timing and R-loops
Current position: Central Biorepository (CBR), University of Michigan
Dominic Bazzano Recent News
Master's Student
Realized a challenging long time project in the lab to map DSB 5' resection at base-pair resolution
Genetics and Genomics Program
Current position: PhD student, Genetics and Genomics Program, U. Michigan
Stephanie Lomonaco
Postdoctoral Fellow
Developed our project focus on the impact of carbon source metabolism on DSB repair
Sham Sunder Sharma
Postdoctoral Fellow
Examined NHEJ-dependent translocation as a function of pre-damage nuclear proximity of DSBs
Current position: Anuj Kumar laboratory, University of Michigan
So Hae (Irene) Park Recent News
PhD Student
Demonstrated that CNV formation at large genes depends on their active transcription
Genetics and Genomics Program
Current position: science writer
Martin Arlt
Research Investigator
Driving member of the CNV project for many years, developed key approaches for genomic analysis
Current position: Research Scientist, Jacob Mueller laboratory, Michigan
Zhuobin (Ben) Liang
PhD Student
Examined NHEJ as a function of overhang polarity at chromosomal DSBs
Molecular Cellular and Developmental Biology
Current position: Junior Principal Investigator, Shenzhen Bay Laboratory, China
Diane Flasch
Genetics and Genomics Program
Co-mentored with Dr. John Moran to study genomic influences on L1 retrotransposition
Current position: Postdoctoral Fellow, St. Jude's Children's Hospital
Kishore Chiruvella
Postdoctoral Fellow
Studied the impact of DNA ligase IV point mutations on NHEJ outcomes
Current position: Ramsden laboratory, University of North Carolina